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Responsive design creates an optimal user experience across devices from a desktop to a smartphone

Welcome to Netlynx Tech - Here, we cater professional responsive website designing in the Fredericton, NB, Canada and the rest of the world

A responsive website designing is a brilliant technique that refurbish your website to fit-in as per any screen resolution used by the customer.

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A responsive website designing is a brilliant technique that refurbish your website to fit-in as per any screen resolution used by the customer.

Unique features of responsive websites!!

A flexible solution - Responsive website design allows you to carry on with your own domain name as you only need to get a changed coding at back-end, nothing else.

A good return on investment - The technology behind responsive website is more progressive as once added to site it will work compatibly on all recent and upcoming devices that too exclusive of to be programmed further for years.

The USP @ Netlynx Tech...

  • Avail the effectual coding to ensure that your site renders across all modern devices and browsers
  • We put full range of CSS and HTML properties and drastically reduces the responsive web development time
  • Compatible website with all screen resolutions and sizes including desktop, landscape phone, portrait phone or a tablet
  • We instantly update and host the changes in design, text and style of your website

With us you can easily get sophisticatedly designed layouts or websites that too without getting fussed with the coding. In fact, our quick service and effectual responsive website designing makes us a dominant service provider among all.

There was a time when website design flexibility in terms of display on various platforms and devices was an option. Not anymore!

With the evolution of web and user habits, and the growing popularity of seeking products and services via handheld devices, website responsiveness has become a must and not an option anymore. Netlynx Tech, offers responsive website design services in the Fredericton, NB, Canada and the rest of the world.

Mentioned below are some of the amazing facts of mobile and smart phone user habits in America.

1. According to one survey over 95% of American citizens own a cell phone.

2. Out of this, almost 80% of them actually own a smart phone.

3. 72% of the transactions are initiated through these devices which include ecommerce, subscribing to services and seeking privileged information.

The above numbers clearly indicate that if you want your business to succeed your website has to be responsive. A flexible web presence not only increases traffic and generates leads; it also makes accessibility / viewing a joy. Netlynx Tech, optimizes your site which in turn offers unmatched experience to your visitors. No wonder then, we have been tagged as one the best responsive website design and development in this part of America.

As a professional website designing company our focus is not just to deliver web products as per client's requirement. We go a step further and exploit latest technologies to create them. While some companies still languish in the dark era of obsolete mark up and scripting languages we have moved ahead and exploit HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery to churn out extremely beautiful, compact and user friendly sites which are optimized for various devices.

Responsive website is also a cheap option for those who cannot afford dedicated mobile Apps, although apps are a breed apart. It provides an opportunity for your business to connect and engage with visitors seamlessly without the need to switch into a different mode.

On the front end, a responsive website offers multi-platform, multi-device, optimized viewing solution, and on the backend reduces redundancy. It simply means, as a business owner you don't to create and manage multiple websites. What is more, Google rewards such sites because of its SEO friendliness. Call us, and discuss your requirements. Or simply mail us to know responsive website design prices.




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